A Destination Wedding at Home: Get Luxury on a Budget

Posted on: 6 September 2017


Every soon-to-be-married couple entertains dreams of having a far-away wedding.  The thought of those white-sand beaches and the clear blue sea would tempt anybody - but the price tags certainly aren't tempting.  With the average Australian couple now said to spend approximately $48,000 on getting married altogether, it's clearly quite expensive enough getting married at home without jetting off to an exotic location!  However, that doesn't mean you have to eschew the excitement and luxury that comes along with such a location.  Here's how to get that far-away feeling without catching an overseas flight.

Step One: Choose a Location

Of course, the actual venue is up to your taste, but you'll want to start looking for a location you like within a one to three-hour radius of your home.  This means you won't be getting married anywhere you recognise as an 'ordinary' location; it'll be somewhere entirely new to you, and more than likely new to your wedding guests too.  Don't worry about parking or transport for now.  Just find somewhere that has the atmosphere and aesthetic you're looking for, whether coastal or more inland and rural.

Step Two: Work the Logistics

With a location so far from home, you will need to plan a little more to get yourself and your guests there.  You can hire a charter coach to pick up you and your guests from a specified rendezvous; this saves everyone on fuel costs, and from the stress of getting lost!  It also ensures that everybody's there on time, negating the need to worry about missing family members.  Plus, it means the party can start on the coach!  Don't forget about the return trip too.  If you're on the far end of that one to three-hour spectrum, you could also consider contacting a hotel and trying to negotiate discount room prices for you and your guests.

Step Three: Pay a Visit

One huge advantage of having a 'home luxury' wedding is that it's not prohibitively expensive to go and visit your venue in advance if you so desire.  You can go and make final arrangements, inspect the location, or just scope out the place and its features.  Turn it into a trip all in itself in the build-up to your big day.  You'll deserve it after all the planning!

Essentially, what you're doing is keeping it close enough for convenience, but choosing somewhere just far away enough to give you that special, magical atmosphere of adventure for your wedding.  It really is the best of both worlds.  Happy searching! For more information, contact companies like Sea Cliff Coaches.