Don't Overlook These Questions When Considering a Bus Hire

Posted on: 10 August 2016


A bus hire is a good choice for when any group is traveling together, even a short distance. You can better ensure the safety of everyone in the group when everyone sticks together and can use the time on the bus to review presentations and other materials if you're traveling with coworkers. You can also simply relax and enjoy sights and sounds when on holiday with a tour group. Whatever your reasons for a bus hire, note a few things you don't want to overlook and ensure you ask before your rental.

Ask about coolers

You may not think much about bringing coolers onto the bus with you, but note that while they may be allowed, they may be required to be on seats. This is to keep the aisles clear in case of an emergency. Some small personal coolers that hold a lunch might fit under a seat but for those that are larger, they typically need their own seat. In turn, you might need a larger bus than you realize if you and your group plan on bringing several coolers that will take up several empty seats.

Note about monitors, televisions, and other such equipment

Many buses you hire will have a television or more than one; it might be a TV for each row or for each seat. Some televisions and monitors allow you to connect your computer, phone, or tablet. However, don't assume that this equipment will be available, especially on minibuses that may be a bit stripped down and basic or on buses meant for sightseeing where it's assumed the passengers will be looking out the window and not at a television. In addition to asking what is included, note if they can provide added equipment such as a microphone for larger buses where you'll want to have discussions with the group while on the bus, a slide projector, and the like.

Ask about signage

You may want to have signage on the bus to help travelers find it, if you're not picking everyone up at one particular location. However, you may not be allowed to simply put a sign in the front window as this might block the view of the driver, or attach a magnetic sign to the side of the bus even if it's meant for a vehicle. If you want signage or any type of designation for the bus, be sure you ask about any restrictions or if the rental company can provide this for you.