Important Questions to Ask About Refrigerated Transport and Shipping

Posted on: 5 January 2016


Refrigerated or cooled transport can be needed for foodstuffs, furs, computer parts, and a variety of other materials and products. This type of shipping and transport is not like standard shipping in the back of a cargo truck, so you need to ensure you choose the right company when you need to arrange refrigerated or frozen transportation for your materials. Note a few important questions to ask about refrigerated transport so you choose the right company and your products are protected while en route.

1. Ask if they offer humidity control as well as temperature control.

A cooler or cold storage area usually has less humidity than a warmer space, but this doesn't mean that a refrigerated transport will necessarily have controlled humidity levels. Some materials need to be at a certain humidity level at all times. For example, if you ship furs or computer parts, they need to stay dry as well as cool. When choosing refrigerated transport, ask about their temperatures in the back or cargo area and the humidity levels as well. This can ensure your materials are fully protected from outside weather conditions.

2. Ask if it's better that your material have its own truckload.

While a refrigerated transport unit will have temperature controls for the back, there are some items that are better shipped on their own to ensure the temperature is not affected by other products. For example, ice cream, ice, frozen syrups, foods that are whipped such as whipped cream, and other items like these need to stay at a very controlled temperature so they don't get damaged or melt in the least during transport. You might ask a refrigerated transport company about shipping them on their own truck so you can ensure that the temperature does not deviate because of items around them that may actually absorb the cold and affect the integrity of the product.

3. Note if you need food-grade surfaces.

Refrigerated transport doesn't always mean food-grade surfaces, which can be a legal requirement if you're shipping foodstuffs of any sort. This can be true even if the items are frozen. If you need antibacterial surfaces or a cargo area that is sealed or constructed a particular way, be sure you ask about this when choosing refrigerated transport. This will ensure that you are not only compliant with the law, but that your materials and products are safe from any type of contamination during shipping.

If you have any other questions, consider contacting a local transportation company with specialized refrigeration units to discuss your concerns.