Freight Transport Services For Your Business

Posted on: 28 April 2015


If you're entering a business in which delivery of goods is important, you will need to contract with a freight transport company. So to help you understand the types of delivery options they can offer you, and what other services they provide, here's quick rundown of what you can expect when you contract with these professionals.


Freight transport companies can warehouse your goods, keeping them safe and secure until they are ready for delivery. They can also offer you computerised stock control, which means that you will know at all times the exact number of goods you have on hand. Warehousing can also be specialised if you need refrigerated storage, or if you need a temperature-controlled space because your goods are prone to degradation. Choosing warehouse service also optimises your shipping—because you are using the same company to deliver your goods, there's a greater likelihood of quality control and efficiency.

LTL Delivery

Freight transport companies can also offer you Less Than Load (LTL) delivery, which is industry parlance for trucks that are not completely filled up with your goods. LTL delivery is more affordable than a truck load that is packed exclusively with your goods, because you share the freight with other shippers. This is the ideal type of delivery if you are only shipping several times a month and aren't on a daily shipping schedule. With LTL delivery service, a freight company doesn't guarantee next day delivery; instead your goods will typically take two or three days to arrive at their destination because the freight handler also has to off-load the goods of other business owners. When you choose LTL delivery, you pay less because you only pay a fraction of what it costs the freight company in fuel and time.

FTL Delivery

A full truckload (FTL) delivery occurs when a freight transport company fills up its truck exclusively with your goods. FTL delivery costs you more because the deliveries are made in a shorter amount of time, and you are not sharing the truck space with another shipper. FTL is beneficial if you own a business that does a lot of shipping to clients or customers, because you can often guarantee next day or two-day delivery, and your merchandise is only handled when it is loaded onto the truck, and when it's delivered to the recipient. With LTL delivery, freight transport workers have to handle your packages over and over because they are always making stops to deliver other packages besides your own.

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